Monday, January 7, 2008

For The Love Of Prosthetic Humans!

OK, this kind of shit creeps me the fuck out. And sadly, it's a
trend that appears to be gaining rapid momentum amongst the
socially inept.

What I'm talking about is the increasing popularity of astonishingly realistic human dolls that are being made available to the public via Babybuntin Nursery, and Abyss Creations (NSFW).

I saw the "Guys and Dolls" documentary a while back, and I cannot describe to you how disturbing I found it to be. The only thing more shocking than the video is the fact that these people actually exist. There's no way that this shit is healthy.

Case 1: My Fake Baby
My Fake Baby is a documentary about people who want a baby, but apparently don't want to obtain it the old fashioned way. Freeing themselves from the toils of childcare, they can instead invest in a prosthetic infant that requires little, if any maintenance. The only drawback is that they look like complete psychos carryinig around what appears to be a dead baby.

My Fake Baby

Case 2: The Real Doll
Now this shit is all kinds of fucked up. Guys buying anatomically correct sex dolls and basically keeping them as their significant other. Prepare yourself for the creepiest experience of a lifetime.

Guys And Dolls (Warning, Video NSFW)

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