Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Yes, We Can

Risking the flack that I will undoubtedly catch, I still felt compelled to post this.

While I'm not usually one to stroke the political penis that exists in this country, I can't help but admire Barack for his ambitious views of change.

For me, his message has become a refreshing point-of-view in the waking reality of a crippling recession that we will soon have to deal with.

Change is what we need.

We don't need the unfulfillable promises of an immediate cure for the problems that the Bush administration has created. We don't need another administration of war hungry capitalists. We don't need another administration who frees white collar criminals from the punishment that they rightly deserve.

We don't need another "Yes, I will" man. What we need is a "Yes, WE Can" man.

We need someone with vision. Someone who has the ambition and presence of mind to make things better for our country. We need a candidate who has a dream for a new and better America. A candidate whose best interests reflect those of the american people.

We desperately need this change.

Regardless of your views, be sure to cast your vote(s) in the upcoming elections. We as a people have the unique privelege to decide our future through our votes. And it will take all of us speaking together with one collective voice to make sure that these changes are made for the better.

So VOTE! Your opinion matters.

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