Friday, September 4, 2009

La Vida Loca

"In Central America they are referred to as 'the maras': modeling themselves on Los Angeles youth gangs, these groups are now spreading terror in El Salvador and further afield. 'La Vida Loca' is a study of a violent phenomenon that has been imported from the USA.

This violence is the result of a childhood at once terrifying and hateful. It is the hatred of those who have had everything taken away and have been given nothing back in return. It is the hatred of those who have never had anything. The hate born of exploitation, submission and daily humiliation. A hatred that is strangely captivating and embodies the disintegration of family life within Salvadorian society and the despair in which these young people have grown up.

'La Vida Loca' is what life is really about over there: youths who suffer, who defy us, who look down on us, who resent and dislike us. Though this vision of evil stirs up our fears and provokes nightmares, I also hope it shall invoke compassion and cause us to question our notion of the world. And so, like cornered dogs, this lost generation responds with pessimism, revolt and death.

A total lack of communication!

'La Vida Loca' is a documentary about absolute human solitude."

Sadly, the photographer and filmmaker of this documentary, Christian Poveda was gunned down while filming in El Salvador earlier this week.

"La Vida Loca" is set to hit select theaters later this month.

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